music for the  soul

Sue and the BLIND

Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, Sue grew up singing  along with her radio. She cultivated her  vocals  taking vocal lessons and practice practice...influences by Leon Russel..Joe Cocker...Amy Winehouse..too many to mention!

 feel the music get up and move

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 upcoming events 

April 21 & 22 NY Guitar show 

​April 28th  8pm Ducktown Inn 

                           New Windsor 

May 5th  Cinco de Mayo 7pm at the                         Horse

May 11th  Hayfields  7-9

May 17th  Open mic  New Street 7pm

May 19th   Silver Spoon  8pm

​May 28th  New Street Memorial Day


June 2nd  New Trinity Poughkeepsie


June 9th  private party

June 7        6pm Pennings Warwick

June 21st  Open Mic Johns B-day

June 29th   7:30 Goshen Race track