​​yes, we do Accoustic too!

upcoming:         April 18 open mic
May 3rd  Hayfields 7-9  accoustic
May 9th  Quaker Hill 7-9  accoustic
May 16th open mic
May 31st  memorial day  new street

June 1st Holy Trinity Fair 7-10
June 7    Rustic Wheelhouse 8-11
June 13th  car show  7-9   
580 glenwood rd. pine island
June 20 open mic
ck**June 23 Rolling thunder fundraiser

July 12 Otterkill golf course 6-9
july 18 open mic
July 20 Marc & Peggy wedding
July 26  Rustic wheelhouse

Aug1  car show   7-9    glenwood rd.
aug 9 Otterkill golf course  6-9
Aug 15 open mic
Aug 24 Rustic wheelhouse 

Aug 30 Otterkill 6-9 

Sept  1st   Newburg Fair
Sept 5th   Quaker Hill  7-9  Accoustic


 feel the music get up and move

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Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, Sue grew up singing  along with her radio. She cultivated her  vocals  taking vocal lessons and practice practice...influences by Leon Russel..Joe Cocker...Amy Winehouse..too many to mention!

Sue and the BLIND

music for the  soul