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Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, Sue grew up singing along with her radio. She cultivated her  vocals with vocal lessons and practice.. practice..practice.....with John always so supportive and have been playing together for over 10 years....

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"I need never get old" ---->

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Coming up next "Master Blaster"!

 check us practicing some Nathaniel Ratcliffe !!  Nicole Atkins ....Joe Cocker and of course by request "White Rabbit"

 "I'm nothing without my band," she said. "I'm truly blessed to work with such gifted, dedicated musicians."  John and I have been working on our new project for about 5 years, also building our own guitars.....adding Dave as our Keyboard player has added a new dimension....Mike is back on the bass telling his story they way that only Mike can & Mr. Frank on the drums....steady as he goes.

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